Greetings, fellow cat lovers and coffee enthusiasts!

We are purring with excitement and gratitude and felt it was only right to share the reason with all of you. Setting up a unique place like Cattiesburg Cat Cafe is no small feat. There are tons of behind-the-scenes tech elements that need to purr-fectly align to bring our vision to life.

A giant ‘thank mew’ goes to Hub Tech Solutions who were simply claw-some! From setting up our network, to ensuring we have top-notch wireless connectivity, to installing the state-of-the-art cameras that keep our beloved feline friends (and you) safe — they covered it all. But that’s not where their magic ends; they also whiskered away all our worries by creating our beautiful website and an intuitive booking system. It’s thanks to them that reserving your time with our fur-tastic kitties is now just a few clicks away.

On the other paw, ensuring that we stay connected to all our amazing customers via phone required some specialized expertise. And that’s where EasyVoIP stepped in. Their seamless phone system ensures that every time you call us, it’s a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the work of both these teams and wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude. So, the next time you’re sipping your coffee in our cafe, watching our cats frolic, or simply booking a slot online, remember that there’s some incredible tech magic working in the background, thanks to Hub Tech Solutions and EasyVoIP.

Stay Pawsitive and see you soon at Cattiesburg Cat Cafe!